The Perfect Manipal Evening

The air is warm, almost as dry as summer nights in Los Angeles or Chennai. The sky begs to be … 0 617
Campus, News

Manipal Today- the Positively Negative

The surging number of COVID-19 cases amongst the students turned the MIT Hostel Campus into a containment zone on March … 0 568

The Art of Making Money – A Review of Profit Wise

Drawing parallels from his observations and experiences, Jeff Morrill in his latest book; Profit Wise, makes an effort to explain … 0 481

Drishyam 2 – A Must Watch Masterpiece

Adding to the list of Jeetu Joseph’s finest – “Drishyam 2: The Resumption” has successfully set a new benchmark for … 0 455

Why we sabotage our own goals?

Recently, my neighbors, who are two brothers met with an accident that cost them their lives. Was it due to … 0 413

EQUALITY: Is it for ALL?

The preamble of India advocates the principles of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. And I would like to emphasize the … 0 410
Art & Culture

Ruin- The Prequel

It was late at night in the vast forest of the Forbidden Realm; the once bountiful plain had now become … 0 2116

Azadi – A Musical Night Opens Doors

Manipal is back on its game. Manipal Digest, a news and media body of MAHE collaborated with Rangasthalam and got … 0 383

Chillspace – Manipal’s Freshest Frontier

As children, most of us have wanted to own an arcade or a gaming center. Growing up, we’ve dreamt of … 0 551

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The Sad Generation with Happy Insta Stories


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