Martyr’s Day 2021 – A Reflection

The three measly bullets that penetrated the body of Mahatma Gandhi on the evening of 30th January 1948, befell the … 0 61

The Ganediwala Fiasco – Avenues Opened For Abusers

No Sex Assault Since No “Skin-To-Skin Contact“ This is the legal precedent the Honorable Justice Pushpa Ganediwala set on the … 0 68

Sexual Harassment in Colleges

24th October 2017 was a hesitant night for many academicians as a seemingly harmless Facebook post went viral. An unheralded … 0 166

Open Electives: The Comprehensive Guide (Semester VI)

Radiation Physics- This course deals with the physics behind radiation and the electronics involved in the detection.   Hydraulics and … 0 131

Open Electives: The Comprehensive Guide (Sem V)

Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering AAE 4301: Automotive Pollution and Control Syllabus :Introduction- Historical background, Regulatory test procedures, Analysis of pollutants, … 0 120

Open Electives: The Comprehensive Guide (Semester IV)

BIO 4303: Introduction to Bioinformatics  : Respective elective mainly focusses on genetic studies. As a subject this elective is not … 0 287

Cadenza – MAFIA’s Music Without Borders

MAFIA is one of the single-most ground breaking and inclusive clubs Manipal has to offer. Running under the headline of … 0 56


          I looked around my class. I saw people; I could see through them as I … 0 297
Campus, Events

MCOPS conducts Genesis ‘20 virtually!

Success is measured by our ability to adapt to changes in real times. Genesis 2020, organized by the student council … 0 360

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