Open Electives: The Comprehensive Guide (Semester IV)

BIO 4303: Introduction to Bioinformatics  : Respective elective mainly focusses on genetic studies. As a subject this elective is not … 0 210


          I looked around my class. I saw people; I could see through them as I … 0 233
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Cinema Paradiso Lost: The Plight of the Movie Theatre

As a visual medium, cinema has always been evolving, telling different stories across different formats while remaining the single most … 0 346
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MCOPS conducts Genesis ‘20 virtually!

Success is measured by our ability to adapt to changes in real times. Genesis 2020, organized by the student council … 0 307

Penance – A prelude

It was a cold winter’s night, as Colt solemnly stood over a grave with tear laden eyes. The harsh winter … 2 467
Art & Culture, Lifestyle

Lonely Jack-O-Lanterns: Halloween Then and Now

Halloween is a festival of many centuries past, coming back to Europe’s parts that were long hidden from the Roman … 0 229

Open Electives: The Comprehensive Guide (Sem V)

Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering AAE 4301: Automotive Pollution and Control Syllabus :Introduction- Historical background, Regulatory test procedures, Analysis of pollutants, … 0 72
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Lonely Jack O’ Lanterns

Halloween was in the air But the silence of the year, Death threats from the pandemic Crept up high and … 0 202
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Providing an open platform for people to learn and talk about climate change from/with the industry experts, The Think Tank, … 0 236

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